Since 2012 the Wasinga family has gathered in ancient English woodland experimenting, evolving and growing a transformational community exploring how we connect to our inner selves, each other and the world around us. We reconnect with the wisdom of the past to help make the right decisions for the future.

In a beautiful wooded glade, we listen and learn from global pioneers in diverse fields from mycology to blockchain; we honour the land; we unite the young and old as one family; we salute our ancestors; we sing and dance; we create a safe space to explore our self-expression and support one another. Grounded in love and healing, we reflect on our responsibility to each other and the planet in our unique space and time.

Our gathering is a week long. Everyone participates. We are infinitely resourceful. We cook, clean, entertain and look after ourselves. We operate a gift economy where everyone is an equal co-creator, giving what we can and sharing what we have. We are a caring and sharing family, and will be for decades to come.

Wasinga is a word-of-mouth, invitation-only event. So if you’re here, you’re already there!

See you in the forest xxx